Is this the ultimate in product placement?

I was just googling for some photography stuff, and came across this photo.Endeavour from ISS

Have a close look at the driver’s side window (the right hand side if you were sitting in the cockpit) ….

Still can’t see it? This picture might help…
What is that thing?

Hmmm. Maybe the distinctive shape of the iPod just indicates how well Apple’s design elements have pervaded our consciousness.

The original image can be found at

The post that pointed this out is at Yahoo

Classic photos

Kammer and singer Karen Cummings at Sunday Live

My son Jeremy was invited to perform at a curtain raiser for an ABC Classic FM Sunday Live concert down at Thirroul the other week. He performed wonderfully (as well as the 2 other “rising stars”). The producer spied me taking a few shots during his warm-up and asked me if I could take a few for promotion. With the kids and the main act, Kammer, I had over a 100 shots by the end (it’s great fun just pressing the button with a digital cam). Anyway I collected my best 30 or so, made a nice gallery using F-spot and sent it to the producer. He must have liked them because 1 of them is on the top-level page with the other 5 (so far) are in the gallery. They haven’t been able to put up any of the kids photos yet because they need to get releases from their parents, but that may come. (The chiildren were all recorded as well so I guess they may even get played on air at sometime if they made the grade).

I took these without flash, at ISO200 with my Canon S2 IS. It has a (36 – 432mm f/2.7-f.3.5) lens and while not a DSLR, still allows enough light to do a good job indoors without flash under normal lighting conditions.

If you do enjoy good music I heartily recommend getting to one of the free Sunday Live concerts when they visit near you. They are in Mittagong over the 2 weeks, and then in Penrith.