– why not IOC?

Okay, so the Great Internet Wall of China is in place, and is now of special attention during the Olympic Games. We even have heard that the IOC is sorry about the whole thing and that there is nothing they can do provide the unfettered net access that we were lead to believe was going to exist during the Games.. Well there is very simple technical solution, though I dare say that it would probably be diplomatically untenable.

All that needs to happen is for the International Olympic Committee to setup a web proxy for all the Chinese resident media, or any one else in China during the Games. A farm of squid proxy servers nicely load-balanced would perform admirably. They could allow full access to purportedly banned sites such as the BBC and Amnesty International. The proxy listening on TCP port 8080 should do it – then media or even Chinese citizens could set up their web browser proxy setting to point to say The servers could be anywhere in the world, and operated by anyone, as long the IOC delegates them their domain name.

Surely China would not dare to filter traffic to would they? C’mon IOC, if you say you can’t force China to open it’s Internet access, why not dare them to filter traffic sent via your domain?