HP’s incy-wincy-little notebook

HP 2133
Well it seems the rumours were right – HP have launched their EEEpc competitor, the HP 2133 Mini Note PC. (OK, they are my employer, and yes I have been looking at some of the internal info for some weeks). It is definitely being marketed at the education market, but clearly any user with a need for a proper PC and wants absolutely minimum weight will clearly like this.
It is very cool that one of the standard options (in fact the cheapest) is to purchase it with SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop installed. I am wondering whether it will be a standard SLED install or have a mobile UI similar to what Asus did with Xandros on their baby laptop. I will certainly be keen to see this running with SLED (though I am sure we can shoe-horn Ubuntu onto it). This option also comes sans hard disk (it will have 4GB flash instead) so I expect it will have better battery life than the standard Vista version with the spinning disk.
If I do get to have a play on one, I’ll let you know what I think.

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