How to get from A to B the long way

I was just researching a route from my home to the Canberra Hospital in Woden. The route Google Maps provided was through the city centre. I tried to use the route drag feature to get it go via Majura Road, which seemed more sensible. However it always seemed to want to do a U-turn near the airport. After a bit of fiddling around, I have found that seems to be a discontinuity. This map shows the exact spot – the 100m obvious route becomes 25km when navigating with Google Maps! Does Lazyweb know how to report this to Google? I can’t find anything obvious.

Update 31/12/2008: Well it looks as if the discontinuity has been fixed. I think I last checked about 2 months ago, and it still wasn’t working. So I guess on this sample of 1 , the turnaround time on patching the database is at least 6 months or so.
The other interesting fact is that I believe the hospital is Woden, which is the town centre there. But Google Maps doesn’t seem to have heard of Woden, ACT. Is that because it is a town centre and not a suburb?

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  1. Giving Google constructive corrections on their maps site is very painful. The best/only place I have found is (which has been updated since I used it last). However, I have never got a single human response to any of my map corrections, so after a number of attempts I stopped bothering, since it seemed to me that they were not really interested in feedback. Hope you have better luck!
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