The power of relevance

If you are a news junkie like myself, you may have noticed that ABC News provides Google-like references to purportedly relevant news articles to the one being viewed, down the right side of the page. I have noticed however that their relevance engine clearly has some issues. The story this morning was titled “Sydney welcomes second cruising Queen” which was about the historic event tonight as two large ocean liners, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II will pass each other on Sydney Harbour. A had good chuckle when I read that the supposedly related articles were:-

  • Council welcomes second airline – 21 Mar 2003 (Planes not ships – and hopefully not passing each other at 100m distance!)
  • PM welcomes Swedish royals – 7 Nov 2005 (Some real royals)
  • India cruising in Hobart – 14 Jan 2004 ( A royal game maybe, but the Indian cricket side is cruising along here)
  • Australia cruising to huge total – 7 Oct 2005 (This time it is the Aussie cricketers going for spin)
  • Melbourne welcomes Prince Edward – 12 Mar 2006 – (Another real royal)

Not a ship to be seen. Oh well Aunty ABC, maybe you should have a chat to Google!

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