Replacing an instrument panel bulb

Just before the last service I had arranged for our 2001 Holden Zafira, I noticed that the odometer had gone black. While it looked like some sort of LED dot matrix display, after some investigation with a torch (and comparing the other displays) it seemed to be some sort of backlit LCD panel. I asked for the people doing the service to have a look at it for me. They rang after they had done the normal service and told me the bulb could be replaced, and the bulb was only a few dollars, but it would cost me $150 to do the job. This was because the whole dashboard would need to be removed just to get to the bulb. So I decided there and then, I would get them to supply the bulb and have a go myself.

Well, after a few false starts (mainly around getting the radio out, but also I struggled to one screw that preventing me removing the dash), I managed to fix this a few weekends ago. It was quite rewarding to do this, as these days I tend to get my cars fully serviced at the dealer service centres. I also thought that there was some really nice engineering in how all the modules were designed to fit together.

Anyway if you have a Zafira, which is basically a pregnant Astra, you might find the photo diary I recorded here useful. (BTW for those that are interested the Holden Zafira is assembled in Thailand, but it is basically the same design as the GM Vauxhall Opel that is built in Belgium)

The working odometer